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The benefits of kissing and cuddling our babies

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Kissing, hugging and cuddling our babies is something innate in parents.

Just like every year, 13 April is International Kissing Day, so we wanted to share this article with you about how positive it is to show these signs of love, which have an effect on our babies’ growth and daily state of mind.

Hugs give a sensation of warmth and safety

There is nobody better than a mum or dad to know what best helps our children, calms them down and makes them laugh.

Caresses are capable of creating a physical link of closeness between two people, regardless of their age. In this sense, a study by the University of North Carolina recently concluded that hugs regulate our blood pressure and cardiac rhythm, and increase the amount of oxygen in our blood.

The atmosphere that is generated by this gesture leads to a sense of peace and calm in both the person we hug and in ourselves, helping our body to recover energy.

Caressing or gently rocking a baby at times like the afternoon nap or on sleepless nights free him from tension, letting him (or her) sleep deeply.

Kisses and smiles

Gestures of affection involving physical contact with your baby, such as hugs and kisses, lead to a greater amount of growth hormones, ensuring complete development in childhood.
Something as common and universal as kisses for a child can be really beneficial. Here is how:

  • It increases the sense of safety and happiness, enabling complete emotional development.
  • It has calming effects, which helps your baby rest and sleep.
  • It stimulates affective development and helps them learn to express their emotions.
  • It gets rid of daily stress, improving the response of the immune system.
  • We teach the people in their environment positive feelings, encouraging their emotional intelligence.
  • It calms babies down and relaxes them at times of nervousness and even minor pain.

Affective gestures between parents and children take place in a natural way, and each family follows its own lines of teaching and behaviour with children.

What we should know is that cuddling, especially in the early stages of growth for a baby, helps them in their emotional development.

Don’t forget that all this learning lasts over time, and all the experiences your child has from the very first day of his life define his way of being and expressing himself when he becomes an adult.

Finally, we should point out that there is no instruction manual to tell you how many kisses per day you have to give your baby, or how many cuddles and hugs are just right or too much, so just express yourself naturally and show them how much you love them whenever you feel like it.

Don’t be shy about sharing your opinions and experiences about this with us – leave a comment on our blog or on the social networks. And Happy Kissing Day! 😉

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  1. Alan says:

    My Daughter in law won’t allow anyone to kiss our grandchild ,the child is only a few months old she says it’s in case the baby catches herpes or colds

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