The Company

PAZ Rodríguez: Designing children’s fashion since 1970

Know-how and love. This has been our trademark since we started designing children’s clothes at PAZ Rodríguez, back in 1970 – know-how and love transmitted from one generation to the next and reflected in our garments.
This traditional handicraft is complemented by advanced technology, which enables us to provide our customers with the best quality made in Spain.

Spanish fashion in over 50 countries

With a clear international calling, PAZ Rodríguez can be found in countries as different as Germany, the United Arab Emirates, United States, Israel … customers in over 50 countries choose and trust in the delicacy, elegance, taste, detail and softness that characterize our brand.

100% safe clothes for your baby

We know that the most important thing for parents is the safety of their children, and this is something we take very seriously at Paz Rodríguez. We design our clothes to avoid risks and accidents and we use natural materials such as cotton and extra-fine merino wool. Not only this, but we comply with the strictest regulations in all the countries where we sell our products, and go even further in reducing the risk of allergies on children’s skin.