LOOK AURA 014

    Bonnet "AURA"

    58.00 USD
    Bonnet in fabric with cord appliqué and lace detailing. Ideal to complete their ceremonial, baptism, or special event look. Bow with a mother-of-pearl plate by PAZ Rodríguez.

    Short cardigan "IRIS"

    66.00 USD
    Short knit baby sweater, perfect for the spring · summer season. Round neckline and long sleeves with matching bobbles detail. Front closure is done with two mother-of-pearl buttons, adding an elegant touch.

    Dress "AURA"

    118.00 USD
    Sleeveless dress for baby girl, with a square neckline. Lace details, fabric with embroidery and stripes. Matching bow with PAAZ Rodríguez mother-of-pearl plate. Back closure with matching buttons.

    Bloomers "AURA"

    31.00 USD
    Briefs with elastic waistband. Fabric with texture and lace inserts. Soft elastic at the legs for added comfort.

    Shoes "AURA"

    68.00 USD
    Ballet-style baby shoe, in fabric and knit. Closure with a Velcro strap on one side.


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