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  • Fabric dress with matching frill at neck and lace finishing. Lace on sleeves and bottom. Bow and personalized mother-of-pearl plaque.

  • Knit dress with a ruffle collar and delicate lace trim. Ribbon bow detail and button fastening on back.

  • Short sleeve round neck dress. Bow decoration on the chest. Star fantasy fabric with double frill. Button fastening on back.

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    Sleeveless dress made from lightweight cotton with a exclusive pattern design.  Garter stitch chest, ribbon bow and mother- of-pearl Paz charm detail. Button fastening on back.

  • Sleeveless ceremonial dress made in a soft cotton and linen blend, with pretty lace trims. with pretty lace trim.  Button fastening on back.

  • Round neck dress with lace sleeves. Front pleat detail, tulle flowers in the middle and lace on the bottom edge. Button fastening on back.

  •  Special dress made from soft cotton and fully lined with shirred detail and soft lace trim.Button fastening on back.

  • Sailor-style dress, ruffle short sleeves and square neck. Pompoms bow detail on the chest and central pleat. Button fastening on back.

  • Sleeveless round neck dress with lace finish. Two central pleats with ribbon bow detail. Button back opening.

  • Grass green palm motif dress. Adorned with a ruffle in the hem and a ribbon bow. Zip on the back.

  • Navy dress with ruffled sleeves.

  • Sleeveless vichy checked  dress with rounded collar. Embroidered chest. Button fastening on back.

  • Pink floral patterned dress. Made in lightweight cotton, it has pretty ruching around the neckline, with a sweet green bow. Button back opening.

  • Floral round neck dress. A- line shape. Ruffle on the upper body. Button back opening.

  • Exclusive printed fabric dress embroidered with lace trims. Ruffled sleeves. Ribbon bow detail and button back opening.

  • Cream sailor style dress with a red bow with two dangly tassels. Pleaded black and white striped skirt. Button fastening on back.

  • Charming blue and white dress. The white bodice is made in soft cotton piqué and the neckline and skirt are in lightweight linen. It has a white embroidered trim along the hem and decorative buttons on the shoulders. 

  • Round neck dress with navy trim and tie details in contrast with the white body. Puffed sleeves and striped bow.

  • Woven deep blue dress topped with Peter Pan collar and the whimsical touch of white in the neck, chest and hem.

  • Ceremony dress embroidered with delicate lace. Skirt with ornamental tulle flowers. Button fastening on back.

  • Sailor style short dress with boat pattern. Ruffled sleeves. Constrasting bow.

  • Short sleeve dress with ruffled collar. Embroidered strip.

  • Short dress made from lightweight cotton with a floral pattern and openwork cape with matching bow. Button back opening.

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    Sleeveless round neck short-dress. Lace detail on top and hem. Button back opening.

  • Round neck short-dress. Double frill and flower details.

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